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RL: Observation parameters

Hello -

If my observation space consists of the contents of several queues (multi-discrete) in the RL tool, is it correct to set the observation parameters as follows?

Model.parameters["Queue1_Content"].value = Model.find("Queue1").subnodes.length;
Model.parameters["Queue2_Content"].value = Model.find("Queue2").subnodes.length;

The action space is updating the content coming onto the queue, so I'm wondering what should be in Decision Events (Event 1 for Queue 1, Event 2 for Queue 2, etc.). Is "On Content Change" for the object Queue correct?

@Felix Möhlmann can you take a look at this one?

FlexSim 24.1.0
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I'm not really understanding what role the RL agent is supposed to fill, so I can only give general advice.

A decision event, as the name suggests, should fire when a decision from the RL agent is required on how to proceed. Meaning before something happens in the model that depends on one or multiple action parameters.

You can set the observations parameters like this in the "On Observation" trigger, or you continually update them while the model is running. The latter would be slightly faster if the content changes less often than a decision is made.

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Hi @Maryam H2,

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