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Coding in flexscript

I have some questions about flexscript coding, how can I execute these steps using flexscript?

1. Modify the parameters of exponential distribution in the source property.截圖-2024-06-13-下午25557.png

2. Add a dashboard that expresses staytime in the form of a table, and add objects Queue and ASRSvehicle.截圖-2024-06-13-下午25433.png截圖-2024-06-13-下午25506.png

3. A piece of code to clear dachbord. I hope that every time the program is executed, the old dashboard will be deleted and rebuilt instead of adding new dashboards all the time.

Thanks for your help.

FlexSim 24.0.2
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Can anyone help me solve this problem?

I really appreciate it.

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1 Answer

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1) Either set the source to use parameters instead of fixed values and then change those parameters. Or edit the text of the code node ("macth" and "replace" methods of the string class).


2) "applicationcommand("adddashboard")" to add a new dashboard. For the rest see the link.

3) Just delete the subnodes of the "Dashboards" and "Statistics" in the Tools folder.


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I tried following the reference link:

Object dashview=views().find("active>Documents/Dashboard/1+/~");
Object chartview=views().find("viewslibrary/Dashboard/Output/ThroughputTable");
Object chart=function_s(dashview,"createGraphWindow",chartview,1);
Group group = getvarnode(chart,"replacements").subnodes["Objects"].value;

but no success, and get an error on Line 4.


Can you help me modify it?

Thanks a lot.

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The location of the chart definitions changed. You just have to adjust line 2.

Object chartview=maintree().find("project/exec/globals/ChartTemplateDefinitions/Output/ThroughputBar");

Check the path shown above to find the names of other chart types.

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Thanks, it executed it successfully.

I have another question. Currently, it displays Throuput information. How can I change it to calculate WIP?

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