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3D drawing import error


I am having some issues to import a 3D drawing that is already in a flexsim supported format (.stp).

My team's mechanical engineer provided the drawing and said it's not wrong with it, but when I import to flexsim it looks like this:


Looks like all parts changed the position to a center point and it lost the object color and texture. We also tried other supported formats, and only .stl did the right positions but i believe I wont be allowed to animate it in this format. Any ideas?


FlexSim 24.1.0
3d draw
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Some Step imports do not work correctly. Have you tried exporting to .fbx and .obj? Sometimes adding another tool into the conversion chain will help.

If you cannot make it work would you be able to upload the shape - make this post private if necessary ? Perhaps we can convert it.

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You import an assemply as a part. Then you should make this step before you import it. You can make a mockup as a single part by collecting all surfaces in sucha file, then you export it.

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