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Unexpected Console exception

This came to me all of sudden. Everytime I opened a new model and clicked on the empty processflow. The following exception warnings will popup.

exception: Exception caught in TreeNode::callMemberFunction() c++/dll execution. Throwing... VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/3/TabControl/NULL>eventfunctions/onClickCallback c: VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/3/TabControl/NULL thisClass: VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/3/TabControl/NULL exception: Exception caught in flexscript execution of VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/SplitterYPane/SplitterXPane/2/TabControl/NULL>eventfunctions/OnClick line 11 instruction 28. Discontinuing execution. exception: Exception caught in TreeNode::callMemberFunction() flexscript execution VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/SplitterYPane/SplitterXPane/2/TabControl/NULL>eventfunctions/OnClick c: VIEW:/active/MainPanel/BackPanel/SplitterXPane/SplitterYPane/SplitterXPane/2/TabControl/NULL

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Ben Wilson avatar image Ben Wilson ♦♦ commented ·

Are you using the latest bugfix release, 17.0.3?

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Matt Long avatar image Matt Long commented ·

Did you just install or upgrade FlexSim?

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Zixuan Xiong avatar image Zixuan Xiong commented ·

I'm using 7.7 and I have been using this version for a long time.@Ben Wilson@Matt Long

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Sam Stubbs avatar image Sam Stubbs ♦ commented ·

@Zixuan Xiong,

We haven't heard back from you, did you resolve the issue?

We are going to close this question soon.

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Kavitha Sivakumar avatar image Kavitha Sivakumar commented ·

flexsim-bug.png@Sam Stubbs @Ben Wilson @Matt Long @Zixuan Xiong

I've been having the same issue. The entire screen freezes up. PFA, screenshot.

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flexsim-bug.png (168.9 KiB)
Braydn T avatar image Braydn T Kavitha Sivakumar commented ·

@Kavitha S2 Please follow our Best Practices and post this in a new question. Thanks!

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1 Answer

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Sam Stubbs answered

This is a bug that occasionally shows up in earlier versions. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?

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