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How to introduce a Location Resource to a Patient Track

Is it possible to add a location to a patient track after a condition is met? This is my scenario. I have 2 patient Groups. Let's call them PTa and PTb. I have 2 Location groups that they can go to. Let's call them Rooms1 and Rooms2. PTb can only use Rooms2. PTa can only use Rooms1. However, after all PTb's are done for the day(or in general, after a certain condition is met), Rooms2 becomes available to PTa. How can I simulate such actions in FlexsimHC?

FlexSim HC 5.1.0
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The "Based on a condition" pick list option found in the Patient Destination field can be used to model the scenario you refer to. If PCI 1 patients are sent to Rooms1 between 0700 and 1800 hours and at other times and for other patients, they are sent to Rooms2, then the condition statement would look like this (assuming Rooms1 was listed as the "true" destination and Rooms2 was listed as the "false" destination).

getlabel(patient,"PCI") == 1 && getperiodofday(time()) >=7 && getperiodofday(time()) <multi-pod-ed-with-scheduled-daily-pod-closures-mod.fsm18

You also might be interested in learning some of the concepts taught in the example models I've attached. Each model takes a different approach. An explanation of the model and solution are given in a dashboard within the models themselves.modeling-emergency-care-units-with-scheduled-open.fsm

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I am still going through the examples but I have another thought or question. Is there a way to make Alternate Groups but for areas/locations? Then if I were to use "Based on condition", I could use True is Rooms1 and False could be RoomsAll which is an alternate group which contains both Rooms1 and Rooms2. Are Alternate Areas possible or in the realm of a feature request?

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There are many situations where the use of an alternate group for areas/locations would come in handy, so we have developed this functionality for a future release of the software. For now, you will need to define the "alternate group" of locations within the pick list option itself. All of the list type pick options will allow you to define groups of locations within the option itself. For instance, in the previous example, you could use the "Based on a condition (Two Lists)" instead of the "Based on a condition (True/False)" option and then define either or both the true and false lists with as many location entries as necessary.

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