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Link PARITY ERROR(InsertInto_BareBones) ???

Does anyone know what causes this error. I see it from time to time when running my model for long periods of time. I think i causes an object to get stuck at the entry of a conveyor blocking it, but I am not sure since the Error message specifies neither time nor object, so its pretty hard to figure out where in the model it occurs.

FlexSim 17.1.4
users manualerror messagelink parity error
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That error message is generated when the FlexSim Engine is trying to create an empty treenode in the tree, but the container that it is trying to be created in is not a valid treenode.

That code is called from too many places to tell you what is happening or why without having the model to replicate it with.

If you post the model in a private question, we can debug it and figure out what is causing the issue.

If you really want to debug it yourself without sending us the model, you'll need to determine exactly what event it is happening on by repeatedly running the model until you find the time where the error happens. Once you've narrowed down the event that is displaying the error, you can look around in your model at the involved objects to try to determine what is going wrong and why.

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Thanks guys. With your advice I managed to debug my way down to the issue.

There are two operators that pick up the first pallet in a queue and put them om a conveyor, but sometimes the timing is so close that they pick the same pallet - so technically I guess one guy picks it up, and the other takes it out of his hands on the way to the conveyor. Then when the first guy tries to unload his empty hands at the same time as the other unloads his pallet - something goes haywire... Solved it by simply putting a zone with entry limitation around the picking logic.

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Here is some example code that will generate that error message:

treenode container = createinstance(node("?VisualTool",library()),model());
double subnodeNum = tonum(createinstance(node("?Combiner",library()),container));
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