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Bundle label (table) value as a list expression?

This is for a dynamic routing / job shop model. Routing data is stored to the flowitem on a bundle label, Routing. Another label, stepRow, indicates which routing is next. The stepRow label is 1 on flowitem creation to begin with the first routing, and as each routing process is complete the stepRow label is incremented. The Routing label looks like this:

Process Time
200 1.5
400 .5
100 22

To push to a list with the next process as an expression, I have tried the following with some minor variations:

(1) return value.Routing[value.stepRow][1];
(2) return value.labels("Routing")[value.stepRow][1];
Object thisItem =;
Table routing =;
return routing[value.stepRow][1]; //also with .value

These give either type mismatches (value is Variant by default) or "Unknown command labels being called."

Machines in the model will pull from the list where a flowitem's next process matches its own, and will likewise get process times from the Routing label.

FlexSim 18.0.7
list fieldsbundle label
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Hi @Adam C,

I'm following up on our unresolved questions and found this one. I'm so sorry that it has been so long with no response from us or anyone on the community.

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I made it work by writing the value of interest on a new label and pushing that onto the list. The new code might work to pull the value directly from the bundle label to the list, but I have not tried it. List expressions do not seem to like blocks of code. The code to retrieve and write to the new label is:

item.newLabel = item.labels["Routing"].as(Table)[item.stepRow][1];

It is then pushed to the list with the expression:

5 |100000

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