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Operator gets stuck in barrier of A * Navigator

In the model that is attached is a source that feeds a rack, and each cell of the rack is a barrier with a rule, which evaluates if its corresponding cell has content, do not let anyone circulate on the barrier. What happens is that, when executing said logic, in the second 76 the operator unloads a box and stays frozen, and immediately boxes appear in other cells of the rack. What I can observe is that immediately that the cell has content restricts the travelers to circulate on the barrier, but as the operator is on the barrier it is trapped, a delay occurs to me so that it does not activate immediately that receives material the barrier, but I do not know where I can delay that event. Do you know where I can do that, or how can I solve this?


FlexSim 19.1.1
operatorsbarriersrulestuck in
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@Omar Aguilera Rico

The problem with your model was actually that your barrier conditions were applied to the wrong barriers.

For example, this code:

if (rackgetcellcontent(Model.find("Rack1"),1,1) >= 1)

is in the rule for the bottom right rack barrier in your model:

However, that code does not reference the bottom right corner, but the top right corner. In your rack, level 1 is the top row and level 2 is the bottom row. That code was actually referencing this barrier:

By fixing the barrier conditions in your model, I was able to get it working: barriersanswer.fsm

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barriersanswer.fsm (28.3 KiB)
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Omar Aguilera Rico avatar image Omar Aguilera Rico commented ·

Checking the model that you share me @Joseph Gillespie modify the capacity of the rack to 20 items. The same problem occurs at 96 seconds, the operator is frozen inside the barrier. I tried another alternative that is the one that I append, and it works in the following way. Assign a Label to the Rack> AS TABLE, and every time an item enters, it detects in which cell the item is and by means of Process Flow it increases the cell in the table, what I do is that the barrier evaluated if the cell of the table has a 1 do not let travel to a traveler. This model does not present problems of being frozen the operator, but to go through certain barriers. In the second 157 to 159 crosses over the barrier that has product cell 5.1. Another one is presented equal to 195 to 200. Another one is presented from 234 to 238. What am I doing wrong or the barriers are not working well? What I can observe is that one way if you respect them, but not return.


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labels-10.fsm (195.4 KiB)
Joseph Gillespie avatar image Joseph Gillespie Omar Aguilera Rico commented ·

@Omar Aguilera Rico

I've talked with the developers and it looks like the problem you are experiencing is a bug. They will work on getting it fixed in the next update.

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Hello @Joseph Gillespie! For the moment, how can I solve this or what would be a solution alternative to my problem?

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