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Dominik K asked Ryan Clark commented

Dynamic Capacity in Queue / Rack


I want to implement the following: I have 2 Objects. A box and a ball. The box takes 2m^2 of space while the ball takes 1m^2 of space. Both objects go into the queue (e.g. 2 balls and 2 boxes). I have a queue (or rack) and it offers 10m^2 of space.

How can I implement, that the amount of free space changes according to what is in the queue? Technically speaking, a dynamic changing amount of space?

Thanks in advance.

FlexSim 18.2.3
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@Dominik K

it looks like you asked a similar question already here:

What else are you looking for?

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@Dominik K,

I created a small example model that uses lists and labels to account for the "available space" in a queue. The idea is that items arrive in Queue1 with a label that represents the volume of the item. In the Process Flow, a token is created at the beginning of the model with the available space in Queue2 and that value is pushed to a list. Then, anytime an item arrives in Queue1, the token tries to pull the item's volume value from the list of total queue volume available.

If it is successful, the item is moved to Queue2. If it is unsuccessful after 10 seconds, the item moves to the failedQ. Hope this helps give you an idea of something you can implement in your own modeling.

example queue space.fsm

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Thank you very much!

I'd have to do the same thing but with 8 different objects. I am honestly susprised about the process-flow-visualization. I did not know this existed. Is there any tutorial you could recommend me in regards to tokens and process flow?

HAve a great day.

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Yes, there is a specific tutorial that I recommend. It actually inspired my solution. I'll provide the link to the 19.0 tutorial here, but there should be an equivalent tutorial in your 18.2 (we just don't post the 18.2 and prior User Manuals online).

To do this with more objects, you can add more tokens with references to each of the queues. I updated your model. This may not be perfectly accurate, but if you take some time on the tutorials, I'm sure you'll be able to make this work for your system.


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Thanks Tanner!
I will surely check it out.
Is there also a way to do it without the process-flow logic? I feel like not being able to fully understand process-flow within my last +- 100hrs of available work for my thesis...

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Hi @tanner.p thank you for the model shared here, I am using it to optimize the paint shop load bar capacity, volume as constraint, in this I want to add weight as another constraint.

It should check volume limit as well as weight limit. is it possible?

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Hi @Srinivasarao A,

Please post this question as a separate post. This helps to keep this Answers website better organized. If needed, you can link to this post for reference in your new post. Please see Best practices for using this Answers site - FlexSim Community for more details. Thanks!

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