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the simulation suddenly stops

This model intends for operators to pick up the elements with the shortest setup time from the queue. At 262 seconds the model stops and I don´t know if it is due to my computer or due to a model failure, because it doesn´t give any error message.


FlexSim 20.0.6
stopflexsim 20.0.6
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Hi,I've the same problem. When the clock is 08:01:09 my simulation stops and the program gets freezed. I hope someone can help me.

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You asked this question here - please avoid duplicating questions.
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Hi @Óscar Manuel CMN,

You have created an infinite loop in your model and that is why the simulation stops.
At time 262.12 a token enters the decide and is send to port number 2. The delay activity has a delay of 0 seconds, so the token goes back to the decide. Nothing changed in the condition so the token goes to the delay again and again. You will need to change the decide or the logic at the delay if the process needs to continue.

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but I think it is not infinite, in fact I make that loop in several models and the same does not happen. The operator is supposed to wait there until the destination he has chosen is free. At the moment the processor is not processing any item, it should be able to load it.

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I have changed the "delay" to "wait for event" and it given me this error message at 12785 seconds:


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Using the wait for event activity seems to be the correct way to go. Otherwise you will get the infinite loop you had before. Otherwise you will need a delay bigger than 0

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