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Lifting animation code

Where can I find files with code of forklift operator in which is calling lifting animation and appearing the object which is lifting?

FlexSim 20.0.7
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What are you going to use the code to do? If you need a basic lifting animation, you will be best off using kinematics, I think. Can you explain a bit more about what you need for your model? Then I'd be happy to help set up the kinematics.

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So, I have an animation of human operator, which I use when the operator picks up a chest from a floor. The animation consists in the fact that the operator crouches on his knee and lifts the box. When he does this, the chest doesn't appear between his hands, but above the human operator. I need to switch the chest position, that it will be between his hands and then when he will get up from his knees, the chest will be still between his hands.

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This seems like it's more of an aesthetic issue than anything. If it doesn't affect the model behavior, I would consider just ignoring the chest's position when it's being loaded.

If you absolutely need the visuals, then we can try using kinematics to match the animation of loading. It may not look great, but FlexSim will still be able to simulate the process accurately. Can you upload your model so we can see how the animations are working?

Kinematics User Manual

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If you need animations for the flow item while being picked up by an operator, you should follow up on @tanner.p's suggestion and build it specifically for that case.

In principle all the code for the forklift is accessible in FlexSim so if you want you can view and copy it. But the way the forklift animates the item is different from the way operators work so that's not going to be of any use to you!

The forklift consists of different components that you can view when you right click it and select Edit -> Animations. As part of its loading / unloading task the fork component is animated and the item just sort of follows along automatically. In contrast the operator animations are much more complicated: the operator doesn't consist of loose 'components' but it is animated using a bone/joint model which is imported into FlexSim from software specifically used to create that bone animation.

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