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Loading and Unloading stations at the same time

I am stuck on this one. I have 3 Stations A, B and C, they are all connected in a process. I need them to load there stations all at the same time and release at the same time in to each other. They will all have different process times and MTBF data related to them in the future. Station B may be the bottle neck on one round but Station A may be the bottle neck on another round. I am still really new at this and have been stuck on this problem for over a week would appreciate any help. I attached a simple model to maybe give a little more definition.


FlexSim 20.2.0
flexsim 20.2.0synchronize
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I think it should be noted before we address a potential solution that the robot is currently the bottleneck in this model. The indexing table is reliant on being filled by the robot and most of the processing times at the stations are much shorter than the robot's move time. This is also true in prior models you've posted regarding this question. For this reason, I am going to provide a second solution in addition to this one.

This idea doesn't involve lists, but instead uses the Processors themselves to close their output ports when items arrive. You can then move the objects whenever a batch has completed processing. This simulates the indexing table's movement in a cadence relative to the slowest indexing table's processing time.


synchronize-2.fsm (50.3 KiB)
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