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AGV module sdk


I would like to create a C++ object that inherit from 'AGV::ControlPoint'.

There is available somewhere .h and .lib of AGV module to allow to do that?



FlexSim 19.0.9
flexsim 19.0.9module sdkagv module
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I don't think we provide those headers currently, and I don't think we have plans to provide them. But maybe there's a way to get you what you need. Can you describe more what you're looking to do?

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Hi Jordan,

Thanks for the reply, I was supposing that is not in your plan to provide that files.
I simply need to create a custom AGV control point that, other than some labels, need to be displayed with a different shape.
The AGV::ControlPoint does not support the "drawtrigger" but I can do what I need overwriting the OnDraw event function.

The problem is that when I overwrite the OnDraw I lose the 'standard' behavior because I'm not able in Flexscript to call che parent OnDraw function.

Thanks in advance,


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inheritcode not working?
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No, I was not aware of that command, I always do inheritance in C++.

I'll try use it.

Thanks Jason.

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