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Karen Geraldine S asked Jason Lightfoot commented

Product stuck on conveyor after certain time.

Hi all.

I've found it difficult to pinpoint where the mistake in the simulation was.

As you can see in the following image, in less than an hour, the conveyor with the orange & brown boxes are stuck (caused by a reason I've yet to find). To make it easier, the conveyor that will get stuck (the one empty shown in below image) and not continue transporting items is conveyor ABC Sect 9 27.

I wonder if this has something to do with my MTTF MTBR setting? Or does it have something to do with something else? This hasn't happened previously, so I thought maybe it had to do with that.


Tagging @jason.lightfoot (again) - do bear with my questions, thanks Jason! :)

FlexSim 20.2.3
flexsim 20.2.3breakdownconveyor belt
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@Karen Geraldine S I think we'll need to look at the model and the breakdown setting for ABC Sect 9 27

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I tried disabling all MTBF/MTTR breakdown settings (for all conveyors) and it worked just fine normally - guess we'll have to look into it after this.

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We can take a look - you just need to post or email the model.

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