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Show Values of Variables in Results of Experimenter and Optimizer


since I´m also using the Optimizer more often I´m facing some problems.

From result pages it is very hard to get an conclusion what values were set in the replication/scenario.

For the Experimenter it was a good workaround to count the fields in the result window and find the right scenario in the Scenario tab:

With using the Optimizer, there also all results seems to be written in the results window of the Experimenter, but there is no easy way to see the settings!?

Maybe it would be good to have something like a Mouse over effect or a button where you can get the settings of a run like in the Optimizer.

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On the Optimizer Results tab, click on the solutions you want to know about and press the Export Selected Scenarios button:

This will export that solution's inputs as a new scenario in the experimenter:

Also, in the Optimizer Results, you can quickly see the various selected input values for each solution by changing the Y Axis option on the left:

Also, when you run an experiment, the scenario names are displayed; you don't need to count columns. Just expand the window so that you can see the scenario names:

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Hey @phil.bobo ,

thanks for the fast reply.

First question: What did you do to get the scenario names in the Performance Measure Results? As you can see in my pictures I don´t have this per default!

Second question: Does this mean that if I don´t add any Scenario and klick all results in the optimizer I can export all to the Experimenter Scenarios and see the results afterwards in the Performance Measure Results?

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1. I already told you what to do: "Just expand the window so that you can see the scenario names." Make the window wider. Each scenario is taking up 2 characters worth of space in your screenshot. If the window is wider, then there will be room for the scenario names and you can see them.

Also, your image is cut off. It isn't even showing below the chart, so I can't "see in your pictures."

2. You don't need to ask that as a question. Just do it and you'll see how it works. The experimenter and optimizer are integrated together. They share input variables.

And you have to have at least 1 scenario defined in the experimenter. Your statement "that if I don´t add any Scenario" doesn't make sense.

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Hi @phil.bobo ,

I know, the way from the results page of the optimizer to the experimenter stuff. But this was not my question!

1. I don´t know in what version this works. I´ve tryed out exactly what you are telling me:

  • in 2017.2 NO names appear
  • in 2018.2 the names not disappear but become very small

2. Maybe I did not explain exactly enough what I´m looking for!? The following I did:

I´ve added all possible scenarios in the experimenter and run it. The result you can see in this picture:

It has my experimenter Scenario Headers.

Than I set the Optimizer to optimize (does not make a lot of sense, because there are only 27 Scenarions possible and we already know the results. But I do it to show!). Now I´m getting the results in the Optimizer results page. But if I´m not exporting anything my values in the Experimenter are changed (or maybe only reorganized?) and there is no hint about the settings of this Scenario!

So yes, I can find information from the Optimizer results page by clicking the points and export it. But no, I don´t see a way to get the information the other way around!

But I would use it, for example if I´m not very happy with my Optimizer results I would have a look into my other Performance measures and browse their results for hints about what I could do. Let´s say I find something in the performance measures, I probably now would go into this run -> need the settings (from the performance measures page or a hint what point in the Optimizer results page is connected to my performance measure result and than I can click on this point and export it to get the values).

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