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How to calculate lead time of the pallet?

My source1 generates pallets, i want to know the lead time of it ie, time taken for it to travel from source to sink

How to do find out this for all the 20 different pallets that the source1 releases

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@Adhav M

A Composite Staytime chart will do this. Your source will be the entrance object and sink as the exit object:

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Hey @Parker S thanks a lot
im sending 30 pallets but im getting only data for 15 pallets in the histogram

Also im new to the software, im slightly confused with the data what im getting

In properties tab, i had set time as hours so what data am i getting here in ranges

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Can you post your model?

The histogram just shows data points that fall within certain ranges.

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@Parker S Thanks a ton , Im uploading my model

I need the lead time for the pallets being generated in PA(source) and throughput time as well


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