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Release one token at a time


I have been unable to solve this issue I am having with a process sub flow. The first Run Sub Flow activity in the middle shown block sends 4 tokens to the sub flow block. There is then a Wait for Event activity that all 4 tokens wait at. When this activity occurs, all 4 tokens are released but what I would like to happen is have 1 token released each time that Wait for Event activity occurs.

Waiting for Event

All 4 released at same time

Thanks for any help


FlexSim 19.1.2
process flowflexsim 19.1.2tokenstoken count
5 |100000

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Put a zone with a max content of one around the wait for event activity, so only one token is waiting there at a time. (And maybe a 0 second delay for good measure to prevent timing issues)

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@Felix Möhlmann I tried your method in the accepted answer for an AGV that follows a custom made path from a global table. However, when said token is released from "Exit zone" and goes to a "Travel to location" block (which shall read all values from the global list and make the AGV follow the custom path), it only reads the first row in the global table and stops. Any idea why it might interfere with each other?

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Hello @Mattias,

Please follow our best practices and start a new post for your question. You can link this question in your post for reference to what you attempted. We will be able to help you more if you post your model with your question.

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Hello @Jeanette F

My bad. I have created a post with my question and will refer to other posts in the future! Thank you for letting me know!
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