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Close the port of a processor when there is a move object function involved


I am trying to finish my model and the last step that I need to configure comes with the Processor 3. The model is intended to combine a set of pallets (of different colors) with 2 boxes in the first set of combiners and another 2 boxes in the second set.

After they reach to the Queue16 they are sent to Queue25 in order to be stacked as a batch of 8 products. This batch will be passed to the processor and needs to be processed by 80 seconds. Now is the moment where my problem begins. I want the processor to work on the batch of products and wait the 80 seconds until introducing another batch of products. Now the systems works fine and does everything I need except for that part.

I think it has to be with the move object in the process flow because I added a close portal on Entry trigger to the processor and it doesn´t not work properly. I have tried to delete the Batch process in the process flow, or add a wait for event (on finish) in the processor but nothing has worked.

Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone help me pointing out where is my mistake?

Thank you,

Lego_2Hornos - TestProcessor.fsm

FlexSim 21.1.1
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Hi @Miguel C12, you can use a zone to limit how many tokens are able to enter that zone. Just click the "use max content" box and set it to 8 to only allow 8 tokens to enter the processor until the delay is finished.

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Hello @Eric M, Thanks for your help but I have another question. If I want to add another processor what do I have to change in order for the program to understand they can work at the same time? I added the processors to a Object groups but when I use the sampling tool in the move object action it doesn´t let me sample the group but a single processor

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In that case, I would let the 3d object realm handle that. I changed your model a bit so the objects get in groups of 8 at Queue16. Then they are moved in groups of 8 into Queue25 which sends them to one of the processors. Set the processor time to 80 and the max quantity to 8 and that should work.


As a side note, I believe you could get what you are looking for without using process flow at all. Just add a source at the beginning of the production line and use an item list pushed by Queue16 and pulled by Queue25 (with a quantity of 8). Right now, process flow is only being used to create the object and put them in batches. Both of these can be done in the 3d realm. However, if you like having process flow as another way of visualizing the process, there's no reason to get rid of it.

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