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Ulaş A2 asked Ulaş A2 commented

Why does asrs return the product when leaving it on the conveyor?

Hi everyone, asrs spins the product while leaving it on the conveyor. I can fixed this problem from the entry orientation but when i do thisi it doesn't get the product from the output conveyor. Because i guess it doesn't fit on the shelf.

FlexSim 21.1.4
conveyorsasrs vehicle
aa.mp4 (491.4 KiB)
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Have you tried including an "on exit" trigger on the exit transfer of the output conveyor that will rotate the product back after conveying? That would be my first suggestion without looking at your model.

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@Eric M, I tried but I didn't succeed. I'm glad if you can help.


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aaa.fsm (52.9 KiB)

Hmm I'm not sure this sample model replicates the problem you're having. When I change the orientation of the entry transfer, the output conveyor still sends just fine. aaa_1.fsm You might be able to add a decision point with a trigger that changes the rotation in 0 time as well.

If you could post your model or modify the sample model that demonstrates the issue that would be helpful. There could be something else causing the problem other than the orientation as well. If your model is proprietary, it can be posted as a private question visible only to FlexSim U.S. support staff.

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aaa-1.fsm (51.8 KiB)

ahh i'm sorry. It's a wrong model. I couldnt install because mb is high but I made the same model and uploaded it. Is it possible for you to review @Eric M .

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aaa.fsm (57.4 KiB)

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Eric M answered Ulaş A2 commented

Hi @Ulaş A2, like you said, the underlying problem is that the orientation of the object when it's being sent to the rack makes the rack think that it won't fit (no space). I used some process flow to fix this problem. I use a change visual right before a Find Slot activity to choose a random slot with space. The change visual happens in zero time and right after, the item gets assigned a slot. You'll see the item still looks like it's facing the same way, but since the orientation fits in the rack right after the change visual activity, the rack is able to find a slot that fits the item.

As another note, the source is putting items in the same slots on top of each other. I'm not sure if it's this way in your actual model, but here's a way you can set a maximum amount of items per slot if you'd like:

aaa (1)_1.fsm

aaa-1-1.fsm (61.6 KiB)
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My problem is solved. Thank you so much @Eric M. İtems are not overlapped in the real model.
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