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Way to load (only in) batches and dropoff randomly

In the picture, I would like to load three items from either queues at a time and unload to the sinks randomly.

The AGV needs to drop all items before returning to the queues.

I didn't use a combiner because I need the items to follow like a trailer.

Any help would be thankful.


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FlexSim 21.1.4
batchagv loadagv trailer
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Taskexecuter AGV:

  • max. capacity 3
  • break to same loadstation; look for not begun tasksequences in dispatcher current.centerObjects[1]

Sending queues:

  • connection to both sinks
  • Send to port randomly
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Thank you for the reply, Is this what you meant?


If I do this, it solved the issue of loading three items fine.

But when unloading the items, the AGV unloads only partial items to the queues then, makes a full circle before unloading its remaining contents.

Can the AGV unload all its content before returning to the load point?

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This is a matter of priority. Please set the ongoing loading tasksequence to a priority higher than any other not begun tasksequence. At the moment an AGV gets available to receive a new tasksequence, because there is transport capacity available, he will do the not begun tasksequence. The ongoing tasksequence is the currently active tasksequence. Please adjust the example not to get better to set a priority.

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I hope the attached model will help you.


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