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Wrong Dashboard Output in a Recorded Video

Dear Flexsim Practitioners,

As you may see in the attached model and video, I tried to use the video-recording feature to record my 3D model and its output analysis. By default, the value of the output in the video should be the same as that in the 3D model. To be more specific, the output in the 3D model is 9, and the outcome recorded in the video should also be that number.

However, the result is not the same apparently. In the video, the output is 3, instead of 9. As a result, that does not correspond with the original figure in the 3D model.

I am still struggling with the problem after trying out different methods such as changing video types and setting FPS.

Does anyone have relevant experience with the problem and know how to solve it?

Thank you very much for your time and patience



video recorder test model.fsm

FlexSim 21.0.7
dashboardsvideo recorderflypathflexsim 21.0.7
dashboard.jpg (53.6 KiB)
dashboard.jpg (53.6 KiB)
output.jpg (39.1 KiB)
output1.mp4 (1.7 MiB)
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This looks like a bug in how the video recorder is recording dashboard charts. I've added a case to the dev list.

In FlexSim 21.0, we updated the html views such as dashboards to use Chromium instead of WebKit. Chromium has a multi-process architecture that asynchronously processes messages. Because the chart JavaScript processing is happening on a separate process, the video recorder is posting messages to update the chart, but not waiting for those to finish processing before capturing the current view and moving on.

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Here's an ugly workaround that seems to do the trick in the meantime. It slows down the recording quite a bit, but at least the dashboard updates.

You can insert the following code into one of the triggers of one of the layers in the sequence where you're trying to capture a dashboard :


I've attached the model with that code in the dashboard layer's Opacity trigger.


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