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Reverse logistics Simulation - Tables configuration

TA_Disolucion_207.fsmHello, I need help with my simulation.

I want the 3 operators to take 164 boxes, 1 in 1, from the rack "D_222" and take them to the group "Racks_207", delivering the boxes in different locations randomly (1 in 1) until relocating the 164 boxes .

I think I have misconfigured tables, because the operators do not move, but when running the simulation, it does not generate any error message either.

Please help, I leave the file below.


FlexSim 20.0.10
flexsim 20.0.10reverse logistics
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The items are pushed onto the list in partition "3" in the trigger of the rack. Yet the tokens try to pull from partition "1". As such, nothing can be pulled and the operators don't move.

I also noticed some other problems in your model.

1. Your logic is set up to expext only two operators. This causes issues when the third operator writes their items to the AddressTable, because it will add another 164 rows to the table, yet overwrite the values of the first 164. As the table is only used to temporarily store the item locations, as far as I could tell, I simply set the table size to be equal to the number of pulled items to circumvent this. Moreover I put the custom code activities in a zone that only allowes one token at a time to enter to prevent timing issues.

2. You try to reference a group as the unload location. This is not valid, the reference has to point to an object in the model. To choose a random rack in the group you can use the syntax

Group("Racks_207")[duniform(1, Group("Racks_207").length)]

3. Some network node connections were incorrect/missing, leading to the operators becoming stuck. I fixed the cases I came accross.

4. The is no label "RackN" on the racks in group "Racks_207". It is expected though, when the items are pushed to the list again the entry trigger. (I didn't add the label yet, as I don't know in what order the racks should be numbered)


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