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process flow problem

flexsim-2021060soncarandcapacitylogicsolved-2 (1).fsm


FlexSim 20.0.10
agvflexsim 20.0.10
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Looks like it's stuck because the elevator is connected as a Traveler AGV to eleset1 so the AGV is blocked. What are you trying to do with the elevator? Does the AGV need to use the elevator each time it drops something off?

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i want to bulid a model whenI want to create a model. When there is no space on the first floor, the goods can be transported to other floors by elevator, and the goods must stay in the elevator and wait for momcar to pick her up.

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Hi @霈倫 I followed the steps of the elevator tutorial in the manual found here to connect the elevator to the top floor. The nice thing about elevators is that there's already a pre built process flow for them (meaning we don't need to recreate the logic every time). All you need to do is create a new AGV Elevator process flow, connect the elevator to the flow, and then set up the paths necessary.

I also included a 2nd process flow that shows how much more simplified your logic could mostly by using labels and lists instead of all of the decide activities. Anytime you have similar logic blocks, you can find a way to combine them into one. The most important change I made was to add two labels to each of the Floor Storages called Type and Order. The Type will match 1 or 2 depending on which pallets you want to go to which storages. The Order determines which should be filled first (1 first, then 2, etc.). I then made a "fixed resource" list. In my process flow, I can then pull the storage I want using queries to make sure the Type matches and the Order is followed. The only thing left is to connect things up in such a way that the AGV will always be able to travel / unload the items at the correct floor storage.

Let me know if you have any questions!

flexsim-elevator simplified flow.fsm

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Thank you for your reply, but I want to make a simulation based on the actual situation, so can I extend it with the model I currently provide

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I don't have enough details to know how the 'actual situation' is supposed to work, but I changed the flow so MOM CAR47 goes and picks up the items in the elevator. Hopefully that will give you an example of how to get the elevator to move and the steps you might take.

I would still suggest studying the other model I posted in case you want the AGV to travel on the elevator as well, and to help condense your flow a bit. Let me know if you still have questions.

flexsim-transport item on elevator em.fsm

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