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rack,control point problem

In this model I have two troubles

One is when rack1 is full,KID will cross path to fill up others empty rack ,but it can only be set manually,When the rack number is large, it will be very clumsy, is there anything else way to let it put on any empty rack?plz help me!!!!

and the other is list problem, I want put X,Y point in list, when KID finish one mission need to go to outside point for wait MOM take it to load box,I need KID pull the point from list,and it is nearest point on the line.



FlexSim 20.0.10
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You can use "A-connections" between the queue and the racks to send the item to an empty rack. To have them transported by the task executer via your process flow you can check the "Use Transport" option on the queue and push the items onto a list. This will automatically create a label called "destination" on the item, containing the rack they should be send to. You can then have a token in your process flow pull from this list.

Pulling the correct CP to return to from a list seems unnecessarily complicated to me. I'd use connections between the racks and CPs in the model to reference them from one another. So depending on where the item was unloaded the CP to return to is defined by a connection from the rack.

In the attached model I also disconnected the "Mom path" from the "Kid paths" and connected the CPs on the "Mom path" to the racks as well, so telling it to travel to the rack is enough to find the correct CP. Then I use center connections to know to which CP the kid should be moved. (Similar to your last question I use "currentCP" to get the location of the mom/kid car and then reference connected CP with "centerObjects[<rank>]".)


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The way you teach me is very useful

So if there are 4 floors today,like this1632231346208.png how to judge the nearest control point on different floors?

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If you connect the "Mom Path" CPs to the racks and tell the mom car to travel to it, it will automatically choose the closest one (by path length). Then I'd use connections between the "Mom Path" CPs and the corresponding "Kid Path" CPS again. If you know where the Mom car is travelling, you can send the kid car to the connected CP to be picked up.

To get the destination of the mom car you can use "finalDestinationCP" instead of "currentCP" as before (even it is has already arrived).

I adjusted the previous model to (hopefully) showcase what I mean. THere, I write the last destination to a label on the kid car, so the mom car knows where it has to be picked up.


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test-3.fsm (58.1 KiB)

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