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The sequence of token leaving activity

When there are many tokens in a wait for event activity, does the earliest entering token always leave the activity once the event happen? For example, in the picture there are 100 tokens. Is there a mechanism that could let earliest entering token leave first. In my model, I have given each product an ID, the ID is given by the order it is created by source object. But I found cassette is not leaving by FIFO by looking into the time each product leave the QueueIO. I have recorded this in a GlobalTable(CSTTimeTable).



FlexSim 21.2.0
processflowwait for eventtokens
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A wait for event activity releases all tokens, if the right event occurs. You can specify the token by an attribute like a label value, that must match to distinguish between all waiting tokens.
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hi @Joerg Vogel, so in order to only let earliest entering token leave first, I have to use a label to record the timing each token entering wait for event activity.
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I would test an unknown behavior. I build a process that collects many tokens in a wait for event activity. Then I create another token which is responsible for a triggered event. Then I watch what happens.

Next step is to compare labels of waiting to event tokens. And I watch again.
You can always wait here for an answer, but at the end you will check it anyway. Then you can test it yourself before waiting for an answer.

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