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Parametrize things which may also influence other layout or objects

We have to simulate a warehouse which uses AS/RS and AGV. AGV is used to deliver pallet to crane in dock area. When AGV arriving the certain location, the AGV puts the item down and the crane will take the item away. we have 2 types of slots in AS/RS. Different types of slots have its own dock area layout(The route of AGV differs also).

My question is: How to parameterize the ratio of multi types of slots under condition that the parametric change transforms other objects(including the dock area layout and AGV route) also? Is it possible to make the addition parametric change done automatically(Maybe by Script or process flow or others)?

FlexSim 21.2.1
asrsobject groupparametrize
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Theoretically, yes it is possible, but we need more information how a change occurs! You can build your model twice and switch from one Lay-out to a second. And/Or you can set different virtual distances in one layout. You can change locations. If you want to run multiple instances in an experiment you need to control your variables through tool box parameters.
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