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Got different stimulation result (manual run vs experimenter)


I have created a model and variables.

I got different stimulation results in manual run and experimenter respectively but the variables are exact same. I want to check if there is anything wrong in experimenter. How can I have the same result to compare? Thank you so much.





FlexSim 20.1.3
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Do you get the same result for each manual run?

If not check the manual section on Model Repeatability.

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Simpson S2 avatar image Simpson S2 commented ·
Hi Jason, yes I got the same result for each manual run. But how to get the same results from manual run and experimenter?
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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Simpson S2 commented ·
Can you post your model and list the kpis that don't match? Make this post private if you need to.
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Joerg Vogel avatar image Joerg Vogel Simpson S2 commented ·
I think, you get only the same results for each run. It is not so, that you let run a scenario 10 times and you get exact 10 identical results. Only if you repeat your experiment, there is not a variation to the results of your previous scenario results.
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MatildeM avatar image MatildeM commented ·
Hi @Jason Lightfoot, I have the same problem mentioned above. Can you please help me?
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Julie Weller avatar image Julie Weller MatildeM commented ·
Hi @MatildeM! We'd love to help but please post a new question per our board best practices. It's hard to diagnose problems without detailed information and a model.
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