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Flying custom Task Executer when moving


I have a custom Task Executer (.blend file) and I wanted to make the simples movement with the travel block, but when I do so the Task Executer starts to fly and is not moving on the floor.

Does anyone knows why?

Thank you.



FlexSim 22.0.1
task executertravelcustom
custom-agv.fsm (1.6 MiB)
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You object is rotated 90 degrees - you should have its default orientation as 0 degrees. You can adjust the shape in visual->shape factors, or change the way it's exported to have a compatible z-axis.

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Yes, I know that, but if I change it to 0 it is happing again in the same way. If you can change it in the attached model that you could also see it? Or am I wrong?

Thanks again.


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It is happening due to the rotation. The task executer ends the travel with it's center point at a height equal to half it's size in z-direction. Normally, this would mean the bottom face sits at z = 0, but due to the rotation of the object that is not the case anymore.

I corrected the orientation of your 3d model within it's bounding box. I also added a task executer, rotated and adjusted in size, to showcase what is happening with your original model. If you reset it's x-rotation after it travelled to the queue you will see that in "normal" orientation it seems to stand on the ground.


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custom-agv-1.fsm (1.6 MiB)
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thank you a lot. Now I can fully understand that.


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