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Electrical Arc furnace complicated animation

I want to simulate an EAF steel foundry for casting process similar to the process found in this article: "Visual simulation framework of iron and steel production scheduling based on Flexsim."

The ladle cart ladle_cart.png, which is the task executor, will load the empty ladle empty_ladle.png. The ladle should be loaded using an overhead crane to the cart. The ladle cart will enter the EAF EAF_started2.png. The process should be started EAF_in_progress.png then the ladle cart will leave the EAF area EAF_finished.png, then an overhead crane will carry the filled ladlefilled_ladle.png and poured the melton steel to a box box.png while the ladle still handing with the crane. box.wrleaf.wrlempty_ladle.wrlfilled_ladle.wrlladle_cart.wrl

FlexSim 22.0.0
animationtaskexecutorcomplexoverhead crane
ladle-cart.png (86.5 KiB)
empty-ladle.png (67.4 KiB)
eaf-started2.png (82.2 KiB)
eaf-in-progress.png (49.6 KiB)
eaf-finished.png (61.5 KiB)
filled-ladle.png (75.7 KiB)
box.png (17.0 KiB)
box.wrl (9.0 KiB)
eaf.wrl (28.6 KiB)
empty-ladle.wrl (94.0 KiB)
filled-ladle.wrl (108.9 KiB)
ladle-cart.wrl (35.7 KiB)
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Here's a start - ready for you to animate. You're missing the EAF lid - again I've changed the shapes to .fbx as they're easier to work with.


(wasn't sure where the metal is introduced - outside the eaf somewhere or when in place in the eaf)

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I forgot to add this shape.

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filled-ladle.fbx (81.6 KiB)
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The objects animation disappeared. I don't know why. I will back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much.
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Hi @Osama A6 ,

These complicated animations can be done in FlexSim using the animation creator and kinematics feature in Flexsim. Animation and kinematics can be called from your process flow logic using the run animation and kinematics process flow activities. For location and size adjustments, "change visual" activity is also helpful.


When looking for precise movements in the simulation you can go for kinematics, otherwise, you can go in for animation. So you may have to use both kinematics and animation in your model.

For showing the metal movements, you can use the draw commands in FlexSim or use the animation.

I'm attaching a simple model here, this model was done many years back just for demo purposes to show Flexsim capabilities (so don't use this model as a reference). But you can model, your requirements in a better way using the above-discussed methods.


Any way good luck.Ladle Car.fsm


Arun KR

1647941191670.png (12.0 KiB)
1647942897451.png (29.8 KiB)
ladle-car.fsm (412.1 KiB)
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Osama A6 avatar image Osama A6 commented ·
Thank you so much, but the model you have shown doesn't use the overhead crane, which is the one I'm looking for, I want the overhead crane to pour the steel from the bottom of the ladle. But thank you so much again.
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How I can modify the attached model. I can't select the object, even if I turned to a 3D model.
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Arun Kr avatar image Arun Kr Osama A6 commented ·

The model was built in an older version, so it may not work better. You can start building a new model from the concepts, which I mentioned above.

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