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Unload railworks

Hello, I'm testing the new railway library, but I have a question, how to unload the station or queue?

For example: I created boxes and sent them to Station 1, I want to take them to Station 2.

It is a simple question but I am not able to find the solution using the resources of this library.


FlexSim 21.2.2
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Hello Edmilson,

There are some things that you must check to your model work propperly with load/unload functions. First, the controlPoints must be connecteds with your respective stations, by the print that you sent, looks like controlPoint1 isn't center connected (S connection) to the first station.

Another thing is the station and locomotive max capacity. If you look in the "Create Train" activity properties, you'll se a "MaxWeight" parameter, this value must be consistent with how much will be loaded to the train. In the station we have some parameters too, you'll look for "Max Weight" and "Units per FlowItem".

The "MaxWeight" works as same as in the train, is the maximum capacity that the station can hold, and this weight is defined by the "Units per FlowItem" that will transform every flowItem that enters the station to weight value.

Example: Units per Flowitem = 100 and MaxWeight = 1000. This means that the station can store up to 10 flowItens.

You must set the second station MaxWeight too, so it can receive the weight that the train will unload to it. And if you connect the second station to an object, like a queue, processor, or something else, it will transform the weight in flowItens according to the "Units per FlowItem" too.

Example: Station2 receives 500 weight units from the train. Units per FlowItem = 100. MaxWeight = 1000. This station will be able to handle all the weight from the train and will generate 5 flowitens to the model

If your model still not working after all these settings done, feel free to upload your model so we can help to point out what is missing.

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