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Hello. I am having a problem with the AGV in my model. For example AGV stays on queueBLUE . Instead of buying a blue box, it takes boxes of all colors. How can i solve this problem. Thanks.

Experimenter 1.fsm

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Hey @Halil Ibrahim Sahin, just to clarify, do you want your model to wait to grab from a queue until it has 10 items of that color (i.e., don't grab red until there are 10 red) or you want to grab all available blocks in the queue and then move on to another queue until the transporter is full (i.e., grab 3 from purple, move up to grab 2 from white, etc.)?
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I want this . For example, the AGV has 10 capacities. AGV 3 blue, 4 green etc. get it. But my AGV takes it from a single queue while doing these. In real life this is impossible. If ıt's going to get 3 of the blue boxes ıt should go to queueBlue.

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I modified the model you uploaded. I replaced your Process Flow logic with a pre-built Advanced AGV Process Flow. I removed the port connections from Queues to the Sink and replaced it by having the Queues push to a list and the sink pulling from a list. Then I added some "NextWorkPoint" lines (in red) to the path to give the AGV a cycle to drive on - it will naturally use the inner paths if it has reached max capacity to go drop off it's load. Also added a Parking Point where you had one.

If you want more help with AGVs, I suggest trying out the tutorial on AGVs.

AGV Storage Test.fsm

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Thank you for your interest. I looked at your model. But when I looked at the experimenter statistics on my old model, I could determine the appropriate number of AGVs. But in the current model, all values are equal. I didn't understand why. Can we fix this with the process flow in my old model? Because when there is a new process flow chart, my experimenter statistic shows different results.

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Ok I added some more parking spots and changed the Advanced AGV Process Flow to use the # of members in the AGV Group. As you increase the NumAGVs parameter, it should spawn more AGVs and add them to the group. The experimenter gets interesting results, what do you think?

AGV Storage Test2.fsm

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agv-storage-test2.fsm (249.1 KiB)

I'm so sorry I'm tiring you. But the model gave me an error. Also my max limit is 100. I am exceeding the model limit. That's why I couldn't see the model.


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