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AGV Park/Staging location with a task dispatcher

I am working on a much more complex simulation model, but I have attached a very small example of what I am trying to accomplish. After the package is delivered by the AGV as assigned by the dispatcher, I want the AGV to go to a staging/parking location different than the sink, and wait there until a new object has been created. At time, I will also want the AGV to go back to its home position while waiting. In my bigger model, I used dispatchers because I wanted to assign specific routes to each AGV. Please let me know if this can be accomplished. Thanks!

AGV Staging location.fsm

FlexSim 21.2.4
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You can use the 'On Resource Available' trigger to have a task executer travel to a specified location (such as a certain control point) after finishing a task and becoming idle.


Also note that the 'NextWorkPoint' connections are not actually needed when you are not using the predefined AGV process flow.


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This works very well! I do have a question though. If a part is not completed by the time the AGV starts traveling, the task executer will go to the staging location and completely ignore the pickup call until it loops around. Is there any way to prioritize the pickup call over the on resource available trigger?
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You can allow tasks to preempt others. In your case you would probably want to set all actual tasks to 'preempt only' with the same priority so they don't interrupt each other but can take priority over returning to the home location.


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