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How to know the number of agv allocated the control area?

May I ask which variable of control area from the tree could be use to determine the control area allocation status. I would like to get the number of agv has allocated control area.


I could only find "MaxAllocations" and "Deallocation Type" these two fields from property table.


There are 2 agvs in my system. The red control area is bidirectional, and I hope agvs check if the control area is allocated before leaving from each bay. Is this a possible way? Thank you!


FlexSim 22.1.0
allocationcontorl area
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The number of allocations is equal to the number of subnodes of the 'allocations' node.


int allocNum = Model.find("ControlArea1>variables/allocations").subnodes.length;

Note that, as with anything read directly from the tree, there is no guarantee this will work in future versions.

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Hello @Felix Möhlmann May I ask why this control area max allocation is 1, but both agv has come in.

At the same time, from the tree I could see only 1 subnode(AGV02)?


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Also both agvs has brown line attached to control area. But max allocations is 1.


It seems the control area is released after unloading.

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This could be a bug. The first AGV deallocates the area when it stops at 17s in your video (the orange line connecting the agv and the area vanishes and the second agv acquires the area (line turns orange from red)).

Without looking at the model or at least knowing why/how the AGV stops it's difficult to replicate the issue. If you can pinpoint which event causes the deallocation, you could report this as a bug.

To do this, you can place a stop time shortly before the deallocation happens. Then, while the event list is open, step through the events one by one and note when exactly the deallocation happens.


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