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Sivashankar B2 asked Sivashankar B2 commented

Dual queue with single operator

IB queues -> Tote with either 2 packages or 5 packages will arrive

OB queues-> Empty totes will arrive with max capacity of 1 package

Operator-> If picking from IB Queue1, check if Empty Tote available in OB queue1 and unload there, else unload to queue 2 if empty tote is there.

Struggling with this logic. Can someone please help?capture.png

FlexSim 22.1.3
capture.png (90.4 KiB)
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Felix Möhlmann answered Sivashankar B2 commented

I would suggest to use a list. The empty totes are pushed to the list when they enter the OB queues. The items can then pull a tote each. Since there are multiple items in one tote in the IB queues, a 'Create Tokens' activity can be used to create one token for each item.


To match them to the respective queue, you can set labels on the queues, for example mirroring the number in their name. An expression on the list can then compare the labels on both queues when an item tries to pull to queue. That expression will either evaluate as true (1) or false (0). So ordering the list values by that field allows to match the IB and OB queues, if possible. Note how the 'Puller' is change to token.item in the Pull from List activity, so the expression can use the item reference to access the label on the IB queue (puller.up.up.num).


I'll try to upload the model later, since the forum currently seems so have issues with that. Hopefully the process flow picture helps, though.

1659086985009.png (31.8 KiB)
1659087083198.png (55.6 KiB)
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Thanks for your feedback. Could you try posting the model now?
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I am still always getting this error when trying to upload a model, sorry.


Do you have a question about any of the activities I used?

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1659256394755.png (4.0 KiB)

I tried to simplify the model removing any totes. Basically the robot moves packages from Q1, Q2 only when there is a source trigger at OB queue 3 or 4 (this mimics tote arrival)

1) Just need prefer arm movement from 1 to 3 or 2 to 4 as higher priority and then the other options

2) make the 1 to 3 or 2 to 4 movements to be 5 seconds. 1 to 4 or 2 to 3 to be 7 seconds. Hence the suggestion in point 1

OB source screenshot.PNG

Procss screenshot.PNG

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