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OptQuest Error - A variable name has been duplicated


OptQuest Error occures in the following model, OptQuestError-A_variable_name_has_been_duplicated.fsm in the FlexSim Cloud.

The error message said it's a variable name problem, but I don't think so.

What does this error mean?

Thanks in advance



FlexSim 22.0.4
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This is a bug. I will add it to the dev list to get it fixed. It happens because OptQuest sees a sequence as many variables instead of one. So FlexSim generates a name for each of the sequence values. Right now, it generates those names by concatenating an index with the parameter name. So for Sequence14, it generates:

  • Sequence141
  • Sequence142
  • ...
  • Sequence1410
  • Sequence1411
  • ...

And for Sequence141, it generates:

  • Sequence1411 (which duplicates the 11th value from the previous sequence)
  • Sequence1412
  • ...

Until this bug is fixed, you'll have to avoid this bug by ensuring that if you have multiple sequence parameters, that their names don't end in a digit (1-9).

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Or you could use leading zeros in your parameter names: Sequence041, Sequence141. Again, that's just a workaround until the bug is fixed.

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Is this bug fixed?
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Hello @Shinya O,

This was fixed in 22.0.7

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