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How to manage queue with different machines

Hola, cordial saludo. Tengo el siguiente panorama, hay diferentes maquinas y el proceso regresa a una maquina, por la cual había pasado antes. Esta es una imagen para ilustrar.


En general se hace el proceso:

Mill - Turret - Mill - Drill - Turret - Inspect

Cómo podría lograr organizar está linea de producción, he intentado hacerlo mediante la generación de etiquetas para diferenciar cuando el producto ha pasado por una linea y regresa a ella.
Otro dato adicional, es que, cada máquina tiene su propia cola

En flexsim tengo propiamente:

Source- queue -processor-queue -processor -queue -processor - queue -processor - queue-sink

Muchas gracias, de antemano.

FlexSim 22.2.2
proces flowqueues
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Hello @Jose_camilo Rg,

Labels is one way to accomplish this. The other way would be to use Process Flow. Since you mentioned trying to do this with labels I will show you that method.

To begin I connected the objects so that they had input and output connections with the correct processors.


I then set an on creation trigger on the source to create a label called step. This label will convey what step in the process the flowitem is on or going to. For instance it starts as 1 so it is going to the first step or is currently in step 1 which means it will be in the Mill Queue or the Mill.


I then created an on Process Finish trigger on the processors to increment the label. So when the flowitem is done processing on the Mill the label will change to 2.


I changed the output logic to be port by case and look at the step label. Depending on the label it will send the item to different destinations.


To see what Objects the Ports lead to then look at the Port tab in the properties.


Model Link.

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