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Rack, Conveyor & Turn Table Problem

In the attached model, I want two help.

Please help in creating a 10*10 rack which can keep the flow items of 6m long vertically.

If you look at the model, three different types of items are getting produced. I want only type 1 to go to straightconveyor2 & type 2 & type 3 to straightconveyor4. Kindly help

AD - TT BF.fsm

FlexSim 22.2.1
conveyorprocessflowfloor racks
ad-tt-bf.fsm (67.8 KiB)
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I am not entirely sure what exact orientation you mean, but in general I would suggest to change the slot assignment strategy to ignore the space requirement and instead only put one item per slot. Then adjust the rotation and location of the item in the "On Slot Entry" trigger.

This works for both the rack and the floor storage object.



- You assign a random type to the token instead of using the item's type in the Decide activity.

- The other path in the process flow also has to have the token exit the zone and resume the item after it arrives at the decision point on the turn table.

- You have to set up the exit transfer of the turn table conveyor to send the items to different coneyors depending on their typ. "Port By Base" is probably the easiest option.

- You might want to consider adding a delay before the kinematic to turn the turn table back starts.


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ad-tt-bf-fm.fsm (73.9 KiB)
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Thank You for your support Felix.

Please help me in understanding the custom code of rack and floor storage.

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Here's a model with commented versions of the default and customized "Slot Assignment Strategy" as well as the On Slot Entry code.


Further information about the commands can be found in the manual.

Object class (get/set Location)

Warehousing - Slot

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

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ad-tt-bf-fm-1.fsm (80.6 KiB)
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Thank you!
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