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Flowitems work as taskExcecuter to pull off conveyor


I am working on a baggage handling system, and currently, I am struggling to find how a passenger can take baggage off a conveyor, I have attached 2 models, the first one works as I want, passengers pull bags off the conveyor, and when I continued working on it and added 4 more conveyers and more entrance gates, it stopped working as before, passengers don't pull their luggage off the conveyor.

the process flow in the first attached model (LuggageClaim1) works as same as the process flow in the second model (LuggageClaim2) as shown in the attached screenshots, the problem is (pull bags) action in the second model is not working as it is in the first model, I'm pretty sure about setting all the appropriate properties in the second model, yet it's not working.

can you help me with a solution that will make the passenger pull the luggage off the conveyor, and make the (pull bags) work in the second attached model (LuggageClaim2)

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your help would be really appreciated.

Thank you so much.



FlexSim 20.2.0
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Have you tried addressing these errors yet? There's no reason to look any further until you have first resolved the System Console errors beginning with the first error to occur!

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