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Using conveyors to route specific objects to queues

Hello! I am relatively new to modeling complex conveyor systems and Process Flow, in general. My aim is to intertwine Process Flow with the 3D model to route 'Pallets' to 'Pallet_Queue1' and 'Pallet_Queue2' if there are less than 3 in either queue at a given time. This must be done in a way that the pallets are not released into the conveyor system unless either 'Pallet_Queue1' or 'Pallet_Queue2' have less than 3 pallets inside, meaning they need replenishment. I would like to do the same with the 'Box' source and 'Box_Queue' queue.

I have tried various options using the Decision Points, and would greatly appreciate your assistance. My end goal is to learn how to create this logic in Process Flow, but I am happy with using 3D components as well. Thank you in advance for your help!


FlexSim 20.0.9
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I restrict the content of the queue to store 3 products. Then I check if the name of the item matches with "Pallet" or "Box". Another condition checks if the input port of the receiving is open. This is condition is true until the maximum content is stored.


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Hi @Jörg Vogel, thank you for your assistance! I have a quick follow-up question - is there a way to prevent additional pallets from entering the conveyor system when the two queues are full of pallets? In other words, a 'check' or decision point near the source that only allows pallets to enter if queues are not at capacity? The current system allows pallets to be released into the system when the queues are full - the pallets will then circulate the conveyor system which is not ideal.

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You can count the pallets entering and leaving a system. You store the balance value. You stop the source creating pallets, or you send created items conditionally direct into a sink.

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Thank you for this additional information @Jörg Vogel! This piece is part of a larger, complex system and my end-goal is to program the system in Process Flow. Would you be able to provide an example using similar logic in Process Flow?

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