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how to add buffers on conveyor?

2010yama (1)_autosave.fsmI would like to use buffers along my production line.


With community help i have one called buffer - visual, that works well.


I duplicated it to the other buffers 1,2,3 and 4, but it never arrives to the buffer. Do you know why? thank you


FlexSim 22.2.1
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Hi @Lukas Buchta, was Patryk's answer helpful? If so, please click the "Accept" button at the bottom of their answer. Or if you still have questions, add a comment and we'll continue the conversation.

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On two sources you didn't assign the label "tote" to the token


You have bad connections from the "Pull from workstation" block. The first connector has to go to the "resume pallet" block.

Currently, after pulling the buffer from the list, it is removed from it and until will not push to list. To leave a given buffer on the list, you need to mark the checkbox


In this logic, every time a tote enters a decision point, a buffer is assigned, and thus it may pull a buffer several times on the way to it. I would suggest only one decision point to do it at the beginning of the line, and if there must be several of them, add a decision to check whether a buffer is already pulled for it


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Please @Patryk can you send attach just the tree file? I have older version of FlexSim 21.1.2 and would like to upload the tree, that it is possible to open it for me. Thank you.

I am trying to do it as you suggested - only one decision point at the begging. I have 4 buffers and each one serve 3 workstations. For example first pallet go to workstation 5, then 6, then 7 and the last one should send to buffer 1 and wait until some of the workstations (5,6,7) are available.

Would you use the same concept in process flow? then how can I add 4 lists buffer? Shall I add decision points, where decide which buffer list it should use?


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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Lukas Buchta commented ·
Tree files are not backwards compatible - you're better to just recreate such a small process or look at getting a later version.
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Can you attach the model?
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@Patryk I think first i need to make the first buffer moving and then between two decision point at the begging and the end i need to have in list all entries, right? But how can at the first decision point it can decide, to which buffer it should be send? this I don!t understand how to do it.

I made your suggested changes, it send the pallet to the workstations and also to buffer but even when i check: leave entries on list. It doesen't continue to the available workstations. Do you know, where i make mistake please?



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Jeanette F avatar image Jeanette F ♦ Lukas Buchta commented ·
Hello @Lukas Buchta,

You can download the latest version of FlexSim so you can open the model and see what @Patryk did with the model he provided. We can of course take a look at the model you provided as well. Please select the correct FlexSim Version when creating your post so we don't run into this issue in the future.

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