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What VR devices are officially supported?

Hello all,

We have received an inquiry about compatible VR devices from a customer who is considering purchasing a license.

The official documentation only mentions the Rift and VIVE.

("VR Mode" section on this page).

However, some posts in this community state that other devices such as Quest and Quest 2 can also be connected. (For example, this post and this post.)

Which device model should we answer to our customers that it is compatible with FlexSim?

Thank you.

FlexSim 22.0.8
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From a previous post about this topic:

"FlexSim works with the VR headsets that run on a Windows PC. If it works with Steam on Windows, then it will work with FlexSim. If you buy a headset and it works with Steam but not FlexSim, then that's a bug and we will fix it."

Phil recommends the Oculus Rift S here, due to it handling lower framerates better.

A quick google search yielded this site that lists VR headsets compatible with SteamVR.

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The Meta Quest 2 is the latest version of the 'Oculus Rift' line of headsets, and is what I currently use with FlexSim. The Valve Index, Vive Cosmos, Vive Pro 2, etc. are the latest versions of the 'Vive' line of headsets, which are compatible with FlexSim.

The marketing brand names change, but ultimately, they're just incremental improvements over previous versions that are all still compatible with the same APIs, but with improved hardware displays, tracking, framerate, etc.

FlexSim runs with any Windows PC VR headset that is compatible with Steam. For Oculus headsets and controllers (sometimes branded as Meta), FlexSim can connect directly using the Oculus API. For all other headsets, it uses SteamVR to interact with the headset and controllers.

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@Felix Möhlmann , @Phil BoBo

Thank you for your responses. I understand.

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