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expected simulation run time for 155 million customer orders over 1 year

I have a data base of 155 million orders(rows) of over 6000 SKU's …now I need to model this data for given fulfillment centers.

Here my objective is to look for service level, inventory polices, demand distribution.

Here my question is, should I download data and import excel to flexsim or connect to data base read data over time.

Instead of reading entire one year data.

If I have such a huge data set in data base how I need to proceed in flexsim to make simulation more efficient.

FlexSim 23.0.0
databaseimport data
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Have you tried loading it into a table as bundle data? Also you could do some pre-processing into picks within orders so that you're not querying the large table on the fly (if queries are needed), and instead read order/pick data that has already been partitioned.

If you share the format of the table we can give some focussed suggestions.

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@Jason Lightfoot

Currently data is there in client data base. we can download that as JSON but not sure on this.
When you say format of the table what exactly you mean.

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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ SudheerReddy commented ·
The tables and their fields in the client database will tell us how it's structured and the type of queries that we could create to build a preprocessed data structure in FlexSim. The advantage of this is that when doing replications you will avoid each replication trying to get data from the database at the same time as it runs - placing undue load on the database. The disadvantage is that it will use some memory in FlexSim but with bundle data tables that might not be an issue.
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According to Microsoft (source), an Excel worksheet can only contain just over 1 million rows at maximum, so importing the entire dataset through Excel doesn't seem like it's even an option.

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@Allister Wilson Yeah, connecting directly to data base and read data over time which is of one year of data. Is this some kind of solution possible?

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Querying the database for 'chunks' of data sounds like a possible approach, yes.

I would definitely investigate the possibility of preprocessing the data that Jason raised though. Depending on what the data looks like, perhaps once you extract the bits you actually care about it might be a more manageable size.

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Hi @SudheerReddy,

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