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Allow more people to enter the lift and go up

Hi, i need some help with my flexsim as why cant I allow more people to enter the lift and go up. is there a solution to it After 1.0.fsm

FlexSim HC (other)
FlexSim HC (other - please specify)
elevator bank
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The capacity of the elevators is set in the properties of the elevator bank. It consists of three values: the "Elevator Capacity" as a dimensionless number and the "Traveler Capacity Usage", which determines how much capacity each traveler takes up.

The resulting number of possible travelers (43 with the given value/option/traveler size) is then also bounded by the "Max Entries/Exits" value.


In your model, the people wait in a line until they can acquire a location resource. Only after they acquire a location do they start to move to a different floor. This is what restricts how many people enter the elevators at model start.

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@Felix Möhlmann So how do i allow more people to enter the lift consistently ? Do i add more location ?
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Either that or don't keep the location occupied. Acquire it, copy the reference to a label on the token and immediately release the location again.



This does mean that all people will walk to the same desk/chair/etc. on a given level, but this doesn't seem to be a concern in your model, if simply adding more would also be an option?

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