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AGV not finishing travel on code generated path grid

I was doing tests with creating a grid of AGV paths via code and the new "addAllocationPoint" method added 23.0.

I ran into an issue with AGVs not completing their travel tasks at certain points, when travelling in a certain direction (y- in the model). They either travel to their destination control point and stop but do not complete the task and keep the previous control point allocated as well.

Or they stop at the penultimate control point, allocate the next, final one but do not resume their travel.


When looking at the event list, I can see that in both cases neither a preArrival event, nor a traversal event are created.


(Normal behaviour, the traversal event of the current control point and the preArrival event for the next one are visible)


(Only the traversal event is pending, no event for the next control point)

Any idea what might be causing this? I was testing how to add additional allocation points to account for different AGV geometry (see TaskExecuter1 and its onBuildTravelPath trigger). So it's possible that I accidently screwed up something in the AGV logic. However the same issue happens in a fresh model that uses the same code to generate the grid and on a different PC as well.


FlexSim 23.0.1
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I have seen in the StraightPath Objects a variable node called "transferCluster", which contains the coordinates of the path transfer points directly . You would not need to compute the location from any mathematic operation, you can read those values directly.


The scheme is first and last horizontal path with 12 transfer points, all other horizontal paths do not contain any transfer points. All vertical straight paths contain 10 transfer points, without any connection to first and last horizontal straight paths at all.

In your current path points created of Control Points I see distAlong parameters a bit smaller than they should look like. I think that this can be a problem to get a Taskexecuter to the right transfer point.


Edit: I get same results for distAlong, And using coordinates of TransferCluster node does not improve anything. Only some destinations work. agv-gridfromcode-travelbug_JV_scripts.fsm

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Felix Möhlmann avatar image Felix Möhlmann Joerg Vogel commented ·
Thank you for doing some further investigation into possible causes/solutions.
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Hello @Felix Möhlmann and @Joerg Vogel

We have notified the development team and they will take a look at this

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Sorry for the delay. I just opened this in 23.0.4 to investigate, and the issue seems not to happen. Both AGVs are able to travel to their final destination, and both tokens move to the delay activity. Can you confirm that this issue is resolved on your side?

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Just tested it and can confirm that it works now. Thanks for the update!
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