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How to make operators unload boxes from 1 conveyor?

Good morning,

I have one question hope you can help me. Im building a model for conveyor processing. The logic of this is the box will run along the conveyor. When the box come to each of table, it will stop for about 10 second and, operator will take it from conveyor to the table to process. The flow of box will continue to the end of conveyor - When someone take box num N, the N+1 will downstream, then continue the cycle. capture123456789.png

FlexSim 19.0.0
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I would use Process Flow for this. An Event-Triggered Source listens to the arrival of an item at a station. If the item still needs to be processed, it is stopped (for X seconds). If it can acquire a free processor/table at the station within that time, the Process Flow has the respective operator move the item. If not, the item continues down the conveyor.


The attached model should serve as a good starting to further customize the logic to suit your needs.


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conveyorpicking.fsm (68.4 KiB)
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Thanks for your help.

This is my first time using process flow. Could you help me to take a look on my process flow, I still can't run it. I take it easy than my first model, I just want 6 operator come to the conveyor when box come and pick to it to queue.

Thank you in advance, and have a nice day Sir~!

multi operators picking.fsm

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Your Process Flow Source currently reacts to items entering the queues. For the Load activity you need a valid reference to the task executer that should do the task. Your resource is not connected to any 3D object, so at the moment you are just overwriting the "item" label with a (meaningless) number by acquiring the numeric resource.

(As mentioned, a numeric resource does not have any connection to any other objects in the model. It represents a pool of virtual tools/items/objects and is mostly used to control how many tokens can enter a section of the Process Flow at a time).

To get a better understanding of how these activities work, I would suggest to work through (at least) the first two Process Flow tutorials.

If afterwards you have any specific questions about the model I attached in my answer, feel free to comment again.

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