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Pull only Specific Tokens from list

I would like to have my pull from list reference a puller label to narrow down what entries to pull from in my global list.

Right now I have a token with a label token.Type = Autologous go through my "Pull From List". I would like it to only pull tokens from my global list that has the label token.Autologous = 1. (all tokens in this list have token.Autologus equal 1 or 0).

If I just leave the pull from list as is in its default setting it just pulls the first entry from the list

However If I do a query like SELECT token WHERE puller.Type = 1. It doesn't register and pull the whole token from the list. (Id like to pull the whole token from the list, not just a label)

Please let me know if any further clarification is needed as I know the above phrasing can be confusing.

FlexSim 22.2.4
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You don't need the SELECT token part if the tokens are on the list just WHERE value.Autologous=1 would do it or to match the pulling token WHERE value.Autologous=puller.Type. I would probably prefer to add the field for the token label to the List so then WHERE Autologous=puller.Type can be used (it will probably work even without the field added -but that's another topic).

It's hard to say for sure based on your description which doesn't (for me) clearly define which tokens have which labels.

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Maybe this provides some clarity on the situation. Id like for the Blank after "SELECT" to be puller.Type, which provides either "Autologous" or "Allogeneic". But unfortunately it doesn't seem to like variables there. So I will have to find a work around

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Are you aware of the meaning of the SELECT clause in the context of pulling from lists?

The List Properties contains a field to dictate whether the first field is used as an 'amount' or treated as other SELECT fields and added as labels on the token/puller. You don't need to specify any SELECT clause to pull of a list - this is not regular ANSI SQL.

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I see what you mean and just

WHERE Autologous = 1


WHERE Allogeneic = 1

works just fine


WHERE puller.Type = 1

does not

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