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Objects assigned to wrong floor and divider z-location issue

One of our clients noticed an issue with the "Floors" tab. In the attached model he first added some objects to the default grid at z = 0m.

He then added another floor at a height of 5m, set the grid to that height and added some objects and dividers to that floor. When hiding the floor, some of the dividers are still visible. Apparently those were still assigned to belong to the base floor.

1677493877539.png(Left side: both floors visible / right side: floor at 5m hidden)

Furthermore, when starting to add dividers from an already present divider, the new dividers are set at a height 1cm, above the previous ones. I guess this is probably done on purpose to not have both objects at the exact same position, but is there a good workaround to not end up with multiple centimeters offset when drawing a large floor plan other than being careful to not start to draw further dividers from existing edges?


(z-location of dividers cascading upwards when adding to existing structure)


FlexSim 23.0.3
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Divider1's Z position is slightly under 5. You have to increase the model precision a bunch before you can see it though. But if you click on Divider1 and set the Z position of its first point to 5 then it will hide correctly.

The other issue, incrementing the height by 1 cm, is not intentional. It seems the cursor position is being reported as slightly higher in the Z because you're pointing at another divider. I'll add a case to the dev list to see if we can do anything about that.

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@Felix Möhlmann

This incrementing z height issue is fixed in 22.0.15 and 23.0.6 released today.

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