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Reference a label set by scheduled source using inter-arrival


I am setting labels using a schedule source, shown in the 1st image. The first arrival sets a label of "1" and the second arrival at 3600 seconds sets the label as "2". What I want to do is then run a mini assembly line that runs on a 10 second cycle time, which I show in the second image. The issue I am trying to figure out is how can I reference the labels set by the schedule source on my assembly line? I have the assembly line pulling from the list that is populated with the labeled tokens, but the labels are not retained in the assembly line.


FlexSim 23.0.4
assign labels
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Add the label as a field to the list and use the

 SELECT mylabel 

clause in the pull to get the label transferred.

Or, just refer to the label using

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Hi Jason, thank you for your reply. Where do I enter these clauses?
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The first goes into the Pull Activity's "Query/Object/Array" field.

The second can be anywhere you need the value - as long as you still have the original token (ie it's not been destroyed by a sink).

Note on destroyed tokens: the need to manage their persistence is why I often prefer to represent objects in 3D and have the labels there - only when there is an abstract/information requirement (like an order) do I manage the tokens through the lifetime of the abstract item. To me the token is just an indicator of the state of a process invocation - once that process is over, the invocation record(s) should no longer be needed.

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That solves my issue. Thank you for your help!

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