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connection node red and flexsim

good morning everyone i'm having problem connection nodered to flexsim can anyone help me with the setting configuration please

FlexSim 23.1.2
connectionsplc emulationmodbusnode-red
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Kavika F avatar image Kavika F ♦ commented ·
Hey @nada, have you tried using Emulation to make a Modbus or OPC UA connection with your Red-Node client? I noticed in this post that they had successfully made a connection using Modbus.
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Hi @nada,

We haven't heard back from you. Were you able to solve your problem? If so, please add and accept an answer to let others know the solution. Or please respond to the previous comment so that we can continue to help you.

If we don't hear back in the next 3 business days, we'll assume you were able to solve your problem and we'll close this case in our tracker. You can always comment back at any time to reopen your question, or you can contact your local FlexSim distributor for phone or email help.

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You could use HTTP queries to communicate between a Node-RED server and FlexSim.

To call a Node-RED server from FlexSim, use an HTTP In node ( and call it via the Http FlexScript API (

To call FlexSim from a Node-RED server, use the FlexSim Webserver ( to listen for instance queries and an http request node ( to send them.

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acutally its my first time using both flexsim and node red i want to reed speed of conveyer this what i did but i dont know if the connection is right and even the flow .

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Kavika F avatar image Kavika F ♦ nada commented ·
Hey @nada, you can read the speed of a conveyor using the " currentSpeed" property on a conveyor. If you have a reference to a conveyor, you can call it's properties to get and set properties on it.
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actuaaly i don't know what to put in variables configuration(initial value /register ...) and the actions are they correct or no

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nada avatar image nada commented ·


actually i did this example with modbus simulator and it works very well

i did also connect the modbus simulator with node-red it works also


but when i try to connect flexsim to node-red nothing happen


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Joerg Vogel avatar image Joerg Vogel nada commented ·
@nada, this look like a question! Then please ask it as a question! This site follows a different philosophy. Questions are questions! Answers are answers. Conversations are going into comments. You should link question to other threads, if they are in relation to another.
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okay i'm sorry .

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