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Reduce speed of forklift with A* Star navigation


In reference to my previous question here

In the previous question & model, I am using network node for transporter path but instead of network node I want to use A* navigation with mandatory path.

The speed reduction values is given in global table.

In the image given below, I want to reduce the speed of forklift based on shift timings mentioned in the time table between the specific path shown in red.


I am using a two way mandatory path, please let me know how to reduce the speed of forklift using the A* navigation?


@Felix Möhlmann @Jason Lightfoot

FlexSim 20.0.10
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Would you let us know, why you decided for A Star rather than network nodes, since you are using forced paths anyhow? With network nodes your speed change problem is fairly easy to solve, as mentioned in your earlier question.
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I wanted to generate heat map for the transporter path, so I opted for A* navigation.
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Since there are no events associated with travel sections when using A*, you would have to split up the travel tasks and insert the positions at which the speed can change as waypoints in to the task sequence.

You can then check if the speed should be changed whenever the transporter finishes a (travel) task. In the attached model I use network nodes as waypoints for the travel.


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thank you @Felix Möhlmann

I want to change the speed whenever model time is between 9 to 9 30, 11 to 11 30 and 4 to 4 30 for the specified path and for rest of the model time, the speed of transporter should be set to "Maxspeed_normal" from global table.

How to control the speed during shift timings with the solution you provided?

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Either the same way as in the answer to your previous question (time table changes label on network nodes/waypoint objects and those are used as an additional condition in the finish task trigger when reducing the speed).

Or you don't use the time table and compare the current time to those timeframes directly in the trigger. (DateTime class to get hour and minute values of the current model time)

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@Felix Möhlmann

I tried both the methods which you suggested but none are working.

For the first method, as you said I followed the same and here is the attached model : forklift-speed-reduction-shifttimings-3.fsm but the speed is not reducing between the specified time.

For the second method, I compared the timeframes in either of the triggers but it is not returning time value (neither current date and time nor the time I want to store).

Can you please tell me what's the mistake here?

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